Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/640/Press Review]

June 9 2003

3 June 2003
Main headlines:
– Yemeni court banned ''al-Wahdwi'' from writing articles dealing with Saudi Arabia
– GPC bloc in parliament boycotts its sessions
– Pollution catastrophe in Aden, millions squandered in Taiz
– Iraq's Nasserites call for resisting occupation
– Owners and drivers of Hudeida transport bureau demand abolishment of law No. 33
– Tribal clashes in the capital
Writer Fawaz Ahmed Thabet al-Qarashi says in his article that undoubtedly the pardon decision taken by the president towards those sentenced politically on charges of war and secessionism represents a positive step towards enhancement of the internal front and the national rank torn by many conflicts and political verdicts against rivals. The pardon decision was interpreted by some analysts with various and different explanations. Some say it was an initiative taken by the president to block the way against the American attempts to use the migrants because of the 1994 war as a pressure card on Yemen. Others have considered it as part of the American pressures for the re-shaping of the political map in a way the YSP assumes a forward position in the Yemeni political life. Other analysts interpreted the decision as a normal measure coming under the process of general amnesty issued by the president of the republic.
Regardless of all above interpretations and analyses and motives behind issuing it which represents a spirit of tolerance and dialogue and closing all files of the past, and as much as it has received wide-range satisfaction, it has also received some resentful impressions by those interested in the Yemeni political affair as it did not include pardon towards Abdulla Abdula'llem and his colleague Abdulraqeeb al-Qurashi.