Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/642/Press Review]

June 19 2003

10 June 2003
Main headlines:
– America tries to impinge on Yemen sovereignty by opening legal attache office
– Government to announce new price doses
– Two Kuwaiti MPs assail Yemen
– American marines abort Mauritanian coup
– Nasserite MP al-Assali demands the government refusing American request to open legal office attache
– Lawyers ask the court to open Jarallah Omar killing file

Columnist Mohammed Shamsan remarks that the circle of all forms of corruption has widened in every walk of our life. To confront it has also taken great part of thinking and concern as it is a permanent danger threatening our life and future. He who follows up the latest parliamentary elections and programs of party or independent nominees would find that most of texts of those programs were devoted to fighting corruption and the work for weeding it out with ways and means. All parties, authority and opposition admit the presence of corruption but they differ about sources of corruption and its causes. Sometimes they hold each other responsible for this corruption. The society and its members differ in defining the major side responsible for corruption. Some segments hold foreign sources for corruption as they have influenced many of economic and cultural decisions, especially in regard to financial and administrative reform. The other some hold the government responsible for it as the first power in charge of running affairs of the people, among them a certain segment of the government. Another some hold the opposition responsible for corruption, considering the other face of governance and the defender of the people and their interests. Thus the situation remains as it is; continuous widening of corruption area and continuous difference inside the society about its sources and whose responsibility it is. Amongst all those the people remains the only victim.