Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/644/Press Review]

June 23 2003

17 June 2003
Columnist Hashim al-Azazi says in his article that the Americans are enemies of all the world and particularly the Arabs and Muslims. They are enemies of freedom and progress and ideology. They have fought against the Arab revolution, killed leaders of liberationist movements. They have supported and backed the reactionary, racist and tribal regimes in Asia and Africa. They themselves have supported and sided with the creation of a cancerous state on the Palestinian territories. The Americans history of their relations with the Arabs is besmeared with blood of the innocent. What is going now in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq is the striking evidence of their rancor and aggressiveness and brutality. Since their occupation of Iraq they have been practicing all act of killing the innocent. They storm people houses to steal their contents, send the youth to camps of collective prison camps and subject them to all sorts of torture, psychological and physical. These invaders have changed the cities of Iraq into gardens of diseases and fear and yards for looters and traitors. All that and more happens in Iraq and against that there is an Arab regimes fear and inability. There also the silence of Arab and Islamic parties, and this is another disaster.