Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/652/Press Review]

July 21 2003

15 July 2003
Main headlines
– Saudi Arabia expels Yemeni merchants from its territories after detaining those 18 days
– More than YR 150 million in corruption of electricity authority in Taiz
– Big people's support for MP Abu Isba'a
– YSP demands bringing all those involved in the murder of Omer to justice
– Demands for raising ministers' salaries confirm the GPC intentions of plundering public property

In an open letter addressed to the American ambassador to Yemen Edmund Hull in response to the latter's recent letter to the Yemeni people, columnist Mohammed al-Ahmedi asks about the benefit of Mr Hull's message and what it could offer to helpless peoples whose wrath reached the extent of congestion and then got silent with pain. He adds that the whole world, peoples and governments could not stop the war on Iraq or prevent it. How can then peoples of the Arab homeland or their governments expel the occupier or convince them to leave Iraq? The peoples in the Arab homeland and the Yemeni people in particular believe your presence in Iraq an illegitimate occupation and colonization though in a different attire. It is a result of an illegal war and an unjustifiable aggression. He who reads your letter while talking about the situation in Iraq would almost be certain that there is another Iraq probably we do not know, perhaps from another planet other than the earth. The Iraq we know its news is not hidden from us. We hear and see it via different media as we get acquainted with the killing and destruction, and storming citizens' houses after midnights, stealing properties and arrests and other kinds of crimes perpetrated by the Anglo-American soldiers, ''bearers of the message of peace and democracy.''
A principle imposed on people coercively and a logic taking from power and imposition of hegemony as behaviour and a choice would not establish a real civilization people are trustful of. Such behaviour would not establish a stable society prevailed with peace and security.