Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/654/Press Review]

July 28 2003

22 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Loan agreements worth $87.5 million impinge national sovereignty
– Expired products in markets
Columnist Abdulaziz al-Baghdadi says in an article since the beginning of publishing the so-called the ''road map'' I have thought that it has come in association with the Anglo-American attack on Iraq. Since he beginning and till now it is only a new attempt to give the Zionists more time for committing more destruction and annihilation of the Palestinian people and consolidation of the new positions of the Zionists on the Palestinian land at the expense of the homeless and those whose lands are seized and trees are destroyed under the nose of the world and blessing of America, the ''sponsor'' of peace. The Americans say the Israeli acts and policies are but self-defense and America would always stand by Israel in its self-defense whatever it would do. While we insist that America is a close friend and sponsor of peace. No doubt the Palestinians have for a long time become between the Zionist hammer and the Arab leaders who are like Zionists in their behaviour. Every now and then some of them declare that they are against Israel but that is mostly in words, which is not enough. Betting on a bigger scope of hope perhaps comes from Palestinian steadfastness, insistence and resolution. Being the legitimate and only representative of the Palestinian people, the Palestine liberation organisation has from time to time to reconsider the sprit of whom it legally represents and to seek for making its representation legitimacy live through the vital relationship with the Palestinian people because this people realize from their position in the confrontation with the enemy the importance of democracy in the stay of their cause live in the conscience and on the battle field which is a battle of existence for the Palestinian people. The Arabs would after a while discover that we are under the same occupation and all live in Palestine though it is not living within us.