Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/656/Press Review]

August 4 2003

29 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Selling of Hajeef oil installations, confirmed
– Hassan Nasrulla threatens of arresting more occupation troops
– Hamas & Jihad demand the release of all prisoners from Israeli prisons
– Iraqi resistance kills 12 American occupation soldiers, wounds tens

Columnist Adnan Abdulaziz writes on the problem of the civil servants in Yemen when they get retired and mainly the problem of their pension salary that would not exceed ten per cent of their salary when they are in service. He says even the minister, if he is pensioned would receive a very small salary if he is not appointed in the Shoura council any embassy , the Writer maintains that the proportion of poverty in Yemen has amounted to more than 40 per cent, according o the bulletin issued by Poverty Strategy and the percentage is on rise .
Article 25 of the World Declaration of Human Rights that every person has the right to a level of living enough to preserve his health and prosperity for him and his family. This includes food, clothes, residence, medical care and necessary social services. He also has the right to provide for his living in cases of unemployment, illness, old age and disability.
Surely there are serious mistakes in the laws and regulations in our country and there is suffering the poor sustain. All these make it imperative on the government to embark seriously to solve and many laws and regulations should be reconsidered and activated to encourage the private sector to contribute to development and return of the huge amounts of money from abroad.