Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/658/Press Review]

August 11 2003

5 August 2003
– Three-hour truce in Amran failed
– At Egyptian journalists union, opposition wins majority
– Violations at public services offices in al-Mahweet
Columnist Mohammed Ibrahim Ahmed says in n article that the divisions and conflicts among the Arab regimes we are suffering from is attributed to the educational failure in building the Arab unionist personality. Education is the spirit and mind and heart of civilization. Education rectifies all that we are complaining of and are not capable of doing. Education is the base on which the building is erected. Perhaps the first principle of sound and constructive education is that all are the same and equal before the law, those commit mistakes should be punished and those who commit to the duty and responsibility should be awarded. The second principle of education is the call for participation in building the homeland and considering negativity as the more dangerous thing on future of peoples than dictatorship. Negativity would enable he tyrants to act singly in taking the decision.
The tragedy of the third world educational situation is that it has planted in it the spirit of concern and crisis. This means the whole world is in need of an educational building fighting the deviant behaviour and ending this age's heathenism that adopts force for dealing with international problems. A scrutinizing look would disclose that all could be attributed to failure of the Arab educational failure that has reached to the point of danger.