Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/660/Press Review]

August 18 2003

August 2003
Main headlines:
– Nasserite central committee calls for political reform to face situations deteriorations in the country
– Police demolishes 20 houses, leaving tens of families homeless
– Arrest orders against ''Al-Wahdawi'' weekly
– Six killed, four wounded in Mahweet and Abyan
– Liquefied gas crisis continues, embezzlements and accused in Sa'da
– Clashed renewed between Al-Ja'ban and Rassam in Nahm

On the American occupation of Iraq and its complications, columnist Mohammed Ibrahim Ahmed says in a number of remarks that:
– The foreign powers act for changing the ruling regime in Iraq was not to be carried out because of the existence of higher levels of oppression represented by the Iraqi Baathist regime. Therefore in other cases the non-similarity at the same oppressive level makes democracy implemented by the foreign force is something improbable. The case of Iraq was an exception notable to be repeated because it is linked to special internal and external circumstances.
– Foreign forces are always willing or capable of founding circumstances or a climate allowing them and that peoples would accept their interference to change their ruling systems.
– Closing the roads before achieving the democratic change is no longer able to stand firmly against realization of the concerned countries leadership regarding the necessity of moving with modest steps towards effecting an amount of popular partnership in authority and political openness.
– Under requirements of transparency, committing of grave violations of human rights is no longer an easy matter to impose blackout on because the internal and external public opinion is able to face up such violations.
– In the light of what happened in Iraq all, peoples and governments, have become aware that they are in the same boat and facing a common danger threatening them. It is therefore the interaction between governments and peoples has become an imperative matter.
The fact is that the national affiliation is the highest goal and the highest value that all should head for without squandering the human affiliation.