Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/662/Press Review]

August 25 2003

19 August 2003
Main headlines:
– For two months arrests continue, FBI in the Grand Mosque in Sana'a
– Companies monopolize work in Aden seaport
– Corruption at Taiz University
– International committee evaluates security at Yemeni ports
– Manipulation with state-owned lands continue
– 13 persons killed, 20 others injured in a passenger bus road accident in Hudeida
– One person killed, two others injured in clashes between Wa'ila and Daham tribes
Columnist Mohammed Shamsan says in an article that the Arab people from in the entire Arab homeland are now facing two projects; the first is the American project that bears hostility to the Arab nation and the other one is that of resistance embodied by resistance groups in Palestine and Iraq and Hisbullah in south Lebanon. The two projects are contradictory, each of which tries to undermine the other. The first project is that of the American arrogance and the neo-colonialism which was the cause of the existence of the resistance project gained by the nation as a result of dangers and conspiracies against her.
So the Arab citizen is before two projects; either to choose the road which the Arab regimes have followed, i.e. the road of supporting the American project and thus he would have given legitimacy to these regimes to confiscate what has of freedom and dignity and work for rendering them to people without civilization or identity. The Arab citizen's other option is to adopt the way of resistance to take vengeance for himself against domination and tyranny of the American-Zionist policy and weakness and cowardice of the Arab regimes that are considered the other aspect of colonialism and the actual inlet for the Zionist-American policy.
Undoubtedly the Arab masses have suffered greatly from humiliation and deprivation as a result of the American project and would choose the road of resistance as the ideal one for preserving their identity, freedom and dignity, as well as preserving their rights and sovereignty over their land. The Arab people would not be deceived again with rhetoric words unleashed by those promoting for the American project. The old colonialism had intentionally divided the Arab homeland into small political entities and separated them with artificial borders and then handed over each part to certain groups and forces that consolidated the division of the Arab homeland.