Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/664/Press Review]

September 1 2003

26 August 2003
Main headlines:
– 6 Islamists put in political security prison
– Elections supreme committee denies intention to adopt proportions or closing woman constituencies
– Oil workers and employees threaten of all-out strike
– Armed attack, kidnapping of citizens in Bait al-Fakieh
– Expired juices in the markets in Ibb
The editor in chief of the newspaper says in his article on the tour of the Iraqi interim governing council of the Arab region that a council tailored and appointed by the American occupation administration on sectarian and ethnic basis as a first step for dividing the country into ethnical and sectarian state-lets would necessarily be faced with refusal and denunciation of every Arab. True, there are intense American pressures on the Arab rulers to recognise the interim council and many of them still showing a rejection of the American demand, but the pressures if not directives on receiving the delegation of the council have been received with full response. The tour made by chairman of the council of a number of Arab countries and the hospitality it has been received with by officials of those countries indicates that recognition of the council has become imminent. Who of the rulers would dare to disobey America especially that they have understood that it could keep and change any of the rulers it wants in power?
Nevertheless, the peoples have their decisive word. Undoubtedly the Yemeni people would tell the American puppies you are not welcome and the Iraqi resistance would remain in the eyes of the Yemenis and all the Arab peoples the legitimate representative of Iraq and its people.