Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/668/Press Review]

September 15 2003

9 Sept. 2003
Main headlines
– Government draft law expected to send thousands of employees to unemployment
– A court sends Aden security chief to prosecution
– Yassin expected to be named assistant secretary general of the YSP
– Political Security organisation arrests 65 persons at storming the Grand Mosque
– Nasserite’s head of the information office Dr Dahhan condemns the EU decision of enlisting Hamas on terror list
– Manipulation of tender on a building for fighting TB in Aden
Columnist Waheeb al-Nussari says in his article that each academic year there are more hindrances and difficulties imposed by the ministry of education with its extempore decisions that cause impeding of reform of the educational process, especially at the basic and secondary stages.
The new academic year has received about 5 million students, but the education ministry’s decision of raising tuition fees and unifying school uniform for the basic and secondary school stages has aroused resentment of the citizens as the decision deprives the majority of the sons of the people, i.e. the poor, of the opportunity of continuing study. Educationists see that the ministry’s imposition of buying the unified uniform with registration as a trading process seeking for gaining profits without deeming to or taking care of schools curricula and qualification of teachers.
On the other hand the ministry’s decision of redistribution of teachers among schools and specifying schools for girl students and others for boy students has disclosed the existence of shortage in school buildings and that most of them need maintenance. Moreover the accumulation of corruption issues and not reforming the educational process resulted in shortage of female teachers and degradation of the level of teachers’ efficiency.