Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/672/Press Review]

September 29 2003

23 Sept.2003
Main headlines:
– Compensations and jobs for Huttat group in return for ending its activities
– Chairman of national committee on resisting normalization Abu Hatim: Regime participation with the Zionists in Dubai, a challenge to people will
– Military commander breaks into a court in Hajja, detaining investigating magistrate
– Pressures postpone execution of Nankli
– American embassy refuses release of grand mosque worshipper detainees
On the 41st anniversary of the Yemeni 26 September revolution, columnist Hamdi al-Bukari says for 41 years and Yemen is still complaining backwardness. Years have passed and we are still fighting among ourselves without giving the country but wounds and poverty. It is unbelievable following all those years to see students studying in the open and university students selling qat and masters degree holders working restaurants. All this time and we have not been able to build a proper sewage network or a road without holes or to change mentality of a citizen in order not to spit residue of his qat on the street.
The population is increasing but services are not, the rate of those looking for jobs is on the increase but there are no markets to accommodate them. Prices hike in great speed and the level of income is firm and fixed.
What is prevalent of chaos and disregard has nothing to do with the revolution as an accomplishment the Yemenis are proud of. The revolution will remain the most important event our people have achieved besides the unity but the living of the majority of the people under the line of poverty confirms the existence of a minority has opposed the administration and the will for the sake of gaining their own interests.