Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/676/Press Review]

October 13 2003

7 Oct. 2003
Main headlines:
– Unionist Organisation calls for confronting the attack on Syria
– A government means for seizing oil revenues surplus
– Security attacks and provocations against Taiz University employees
– Fedayeen operations begin in Baghdad, British soldiers abuse Islam
– Journalist appeals to Human Rights Minister
Columnist Abdulbasit Mohammed Abdulla says the revolution for the Yemeni citizen has many indications and meanings. It means that he is free in his expression and what he does and there is no power governing him but the power of the law. The revolution means that the citizen finds security and safety at home and work and his movements. He should be able to find the suitable job for him and his family to sustain it and to find justice prevalent. The journalist finds in the revolution the freedom to write. All of us think the revolution means we find the essential services offered to us and to be able to invest our capitals in the country while being sure against any loss as a result of fraud or cheating. Also the revolution means that the official and the citizen must be treated equally before the law. Above all those meanings the revolution means that the citizen feels he is a human being having rights guaranteed by the law and the constitution.