Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/686/Press Review]

November 17 2003

11 Nov. 2003
Main headlines:
– JMP meeting
– Explosion in Bani Hushaish area, Sana’a
– Seven persons, victims of fire in an oil tanker
– Yemeni students demand relief of the cultural attache in India
– 160 Ethiopians violating residency regulations, deported
– Technicians of Taiz University factory continue their strike
– 22 prisoners in Sa’ada released

The newspaper’s political editor says in his article says perhaps some have thought that Damascus foreign ministers meeting of Iraq’s neighbouring countries held on November 2 was devoted against the American occupation of Iraq and what has entailed it of storming and killing and impoverishing of the people of Iraq and dangers of this occupation against the region, especially following the campaign of American accusations of Iraq’s neighbouring countries of influx of fedayeen across their borders to support the Iraqi resistance.
Any stance demanding the American occupation to leave Iraq has not been issued by the conference. The conference did not hold the American occupation responsible for what is befalling the Iraqi people and warn it from repeating its aggression on peoples of the region.
Damascus meting when mentioned the occupation it came via the United Nations to enhance its role and drawing up a timetable for ending the occupation. Thus the Damascus meeting demanded departure of occupation via the United Nations, the body out of which the aggression and occupation came and under the very nose the neighbouring countries that did not protect their neighbour.