Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/696/Press Review]

December 22 2003

16 Dec.2003.
Main headlines
– Unidentified person attacks a Dutch citizen
3 persons killed in tribal fighting in Shuaib district
– In Dhalie, Unknown motives behind attacking services director residence
– French company begins operation of Yemeni communications
– Human rights solidarity committee in Taiz accuses criminal investigations of abusing prisoners' rights
– Fire devours seven trade shops in old Sana'a

Columnist Ali al-Saqqaf says in his article I do not think that any solicitous Arab has not felt the disdain while watching the film broadcast by the Americans and reported by TV channels of president Saddam Hussein in that tragic image. However we differ or agree with policies and style of Saddam Hussein's rule the desperate scene portraying him would inevitably harm feelings of most of the Arabs. Those who know Saddam Hussein, even his enemies, testify he is a courageous man and could not surrender easily. What happened is more like a mystery though it is more possible that the Americans have taken Saddam unawares in depending on reports and surprised him with a material paralyzing his ability to act as a man who knows well what would happen to him incase he surrendered or fell in his enemies hands.
In fact the goal behind the American operation is humiliating all the Arabs in person of Saddam and for the interest of the Zionist entity whose prime minister was the first congratulators.
The Arabs and Muslims have nothing now but resistance and nipping the American-Zionist project in the bud so that the day won't come when we find ourselves under the American heavy boots tramping on our necks. Iraq and Saddam are but he very beginning.