Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/698/Press Review]

December 29 2003

23 Dec. 2003
Main headlines:
– Al-Mikhlafi denies that Yemeni opposition received invitation for dialogue with the president
– American occupying forces release Yemeni they arrested last week
– Service and education directors in Dhalie stand before court
– Gunmen object distribution of jobs by the civil service in Sana'a
– Opposition calls on the government to reconsider the law of demonstrations
– Local council member killed others wounded in Ibb
– Judiciary issues fine sentence of YR220 thousand against Social Affairs for the Deaf society in Taiz
– Indian police arrests Yemeni students in Bombay

Columnist Hamdi al-Bukari says the journalists syndicate council deals with journalists in sarcasm and depreciation and sometimes in unjustifiable haughtiness concerning the question of the draft law and other questions for which the council does not pay any consideration.
In a plenary meeting of journalists they agreed to reject the draft law and the demand to withdraw its version for good from the government. The syndicate council then promised to send a letter to the government and the chairman of journalists syndicate read out the letter before the gathering of journalists. Yesterday came a statement by the prime minister denying the government's receipt of a letter in that regard from the journalists syndicate. The chairman of the journalists syndicate did not confirm or deny the report when the Wahdawi newspaper asked him about it. The conclusion is that we are before a strange combination of a syndicate council but our wonder would disappear when we really know that the syndicate council is a government affiliate and its decisions are dictated from behind the scenes.