Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/700/Press Review]

January 5 2004

30 Dec.2003.
Main headlines
– NUO general secretariat discusses regulation of the Organization's electoral session
– Amidst strict security measures, American corn aid arrives in Salif
– 2004 budget, wrong figures and stabilization of poverty
– JMP demands stop chasing students, Terror and arrests at Sana'a University
– Forgery of licenses at labour office in Mahweet
– Organisation and National, Islamic conferences mourn demise of Dajani thinker
– Government pressures to for passing on YJS draft law
– Gunmen break through traffic office of Aden
– No candidate for YJS chairman so far
– Engineer killed in Usaifurah

Political editor of the newspaper says in his article what is aroused on the journalists syndicate draft law is a very important matter and following the right course and we should not be afraid of it. The idea of the government acceptance to deal with a civilian matter syllabus is something calling for astonishment and accepting such an orientation would abolish the civilian characteristic of the society and block its initiatives and activities, transferring it to government institutions atmospheres. What we perceive is that the government's right stops at giving the legal form to civilian organisations and does not exceed that to dealing with their syllabus. Political parties for instance are considered one of the society's phenomena and the government has legalized that phenomenon with a law named the law of political parties and stopped at that right, despite that the political parties form a medium quite different in its significance than civil society organisations.
Journalism is one of the civilian society phenomena and the government has organized it by a law called the law of press and publications and stopped at that point. Civil society organisations are phenomena of the society and the government has its laws to regulate it. The question is what has urged the government to officially accept a legislation concerning the journalists syndicate and to attempt to get it approved at the parliament, as if the syndicate is one of he government's establishment? This would excite a state of provocation inside the journalist circles and pushes them to stop the attempt and undermine the draft law.