Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/702/Press Review]

January 12 2004

6 Jun 2004
Main headlines;
– Abyan, elements from Huttat target director of the political security
– New expectations of ''clean'' membership at of journalist syndicate
– Arab national conference calls for honouring Jaralah Omer
– Ibb University students confirm their solidarity with their detained colleagues
– Continued detention of an Islah senior member in Taiz
– JMP in Dhalie warns of a new price dose
Columnist Yahya al-Haddi says that the president of Sana'a University has attributed the reason behind the clashes that took place at the university between the university students and security forces lately to the year 1990. The university president Dr Saleh Basurra told a fact-finding parliamentary committee that the ministry of social affairs prevented establishment of students unions and did not return offer an alternative. According to him that has pushed the matters to those consequences. He did not forget mention the role of political parties that they did not adopt formation of a student union free from problems.
The writer maintains that it seems the state fears the establishment of a strong and independent students union because it realizes that any true opposition would only be launched from within the walls of universities. At any rate this fear does not give it the right to deal with university students in this sterile manner. By this way the state is impinging upon independence of the university and further it abuses the spirit of the educational process entirely as it changes the university campus into a field for security deployment.