Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/704/Press Review]

January 19 2004

13 Jun 2004
Main headlines:
– In response to World Bank, a rise in fuel prices
– Local Governance ministry demands for punishing against judiciary because it ruled against it
– Physicians and pharmacists union confiscated by government
– AAl-Wahdawi stands before press prosecution
The political editor of the newspaper wrote saying no doubt the Sana=a declaration has resulted from an international demonstration in which it has expressed its dissatisfaction of issues and crises of the age. But that attitude was expressed rather shyly and coolly as if it does not realize the seriousness and dangers of these crises and their reflections of violations and brutality on humanity. This is the savage American power standing against humanity was it not of democracy to ponder long before this tyranny that is grinding the world, annihilating the peoples of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan and endeavors to eliminate other peoples, and to condemn it?
The writer also queries whether it is not of democracy to stand for long before disarming the Arab and Muslims of the right to nuclear armament with keeping the same right for the Israeli occupation, and isn=t it a clear argument and a just demand towards establishment of peace and security in the region? If this democratic international conference does not even with one word in the face of violations of the forces of tyranny and aggression America to condemn and expose the weapons of its culture of aggression against the world, it would not be able to do anything for others because violations and aggressiveness of the powerful would result in similar attitudes by the smaller ones.