Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/706/Press Review]

January 26 2004

20 Jan 2004
Main headlines
– New scandal, the government grants Teleyemen to a French bankrupt company
– Al-Wahdawi editor in chief before the south-west capital secretariat court
– Zionists buy the biggest hotel in the capital
– YR 6 billion outcome of financial corruption in the ministries of agriculture and fish wealth in three months
– 9 million people the victim of impoverishment
The political editor of the newspaper wrote a front page article saying it is logical and sure that the people support development and advancement in the country in all its fields. This advancement needs scientists and skilled people in all fields and specialties. The correct inlet to achieve all that is the upgrading the level of education and teaching staff and the basics and policies. What urged for touching this subject is that the government is talking about development that would involve educational curricula but this development has disclosed only two cases; one is the entering of the English language subject in some stages of primary education, which is a return to what was there before, and the second aspect is the use of computers in the secondary education stage, and this is a development. The government wants by this development to attain at accomplishment of the electronic government project. Therefore the government is trying to mobilize for it a foreign support and what the government has so far got of such support are ten million dollars from the donors conference and fifty million dollars as a first down payment from the UN development program in Yemen and the ESCWA organisation. We have to ask in order to know is the country qualified and prepared in its educational situation for such a technical development.
The UNICEF asks the government to abolish the schooling duties and integration of primary education in the national plan for fighting poverty. This is another testimony on the educational situation in our country. Another thing is that there is a great shortage in the number of schools and also in the education text books and colleges without halls and laboratories unfurnished with tools and equipment and many other shortages. Aren't these entirely essential for the country to enter in and receive he technological development?