Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/720/Press Review]

March 15 2004

9 March 2004.
Main headlines
– 20 journalists complain of the Al-Thawra newspaper editor in chief's scorns
– Arab National conference warns Arab governments of Middle East projects
– Calling on Shiite and Sunnis in Iraq to confront dangers of occupation,
– Nasserite Organisation condemns the suicide attacks in Baghdad and Kerbala
– Official parties impede convening of engineers union conference
– International warning of drought and population growth disasters in Yemen
– Following the expulsion of 12 thousands, Yemeni community in Saudi Arabia appeals tot the to intervene

The political editor of the newspaper sys in his article the journalistic work in our country has begun to take a proper pursuit. At the journalists conference we have seen the same government and its presence very clear but was characterized by rationality and tendency towards partnership in the journalists union council elections result. That has also appeared in the opposition attitude and we have seen credibility of the conference chairmanship, as well as the existence of journalist colleagueship biased to rights.
That new ground has been created by the journalists in their conference has dropped all of criteria and accounts that usually effect cautions.
As long as the journalist work has been launched in such a strong way it does need the same force and more trust and this is undoubtedly a difficult responsibility the new leadership of the syndicate should undertake. Even though the leadership in its first steps has been faced with a hard lesson represented by the arrest of one of its members Mr. Saeed Thabit, it should not be shocked or give in to despair. The journalists new leadership stand as we have seen was positive and effective.