Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/722/Press Review]

March 22 2004

16 March 2004.

Main headlines
– People's and political parties big refusal of the dose, holding the government responsible for deterioration of the economic situation
– Parliament questions interior minister on detainees of the political security
– Thu Mohammed tribes pull out of Rada'
– Journalists Syndicate Council proposes specialties of its members
– Demonstrations against the war on Iraq.
Columnist Ali al-Saqqaf writes saying that insistence of the ruling party on dominating over the non-governmental organizations and unions confirms the totalitarian mentality that still controls behaviour of the party.
After the results of the journalists syndicate elections some of those deemed followers of the ruling party aroused disputes about distribution of tasks among members of the syndicate council while they were scrambling for such posts. The engineers union was rendered into a barrack after being occupied by soldiers and some engineers of the GPC who have set up an alternative preparatory committee to dominate the union. The engineers are still unable to hold their conference because the ruling party realizes well that it would not be under its control. As for the physicians they have held their conference in Sana'a and the result came against the wish of the ruling party.