Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/724/Press Review]

March 25 2004

23 March 2004
Main headlines
– Behind the scene elements prevent typing a parliamentary report disclosing a government scandal
– Parliamentary committee recommends reducing price of electricity tariff
– Prevented a demonstration at the anniversary of aggression on Iraq,
– The government warmly welcomed commander of the American war
– In a first meeting with their syndicate, the government promises journalists of facilities
– In retaliation of Sharon's crime,
– Saba'a university students demand hitting of American interests
– JMP condemns the government preventing off demonstration at the anniversary of aggression n Iraq
Columnist Ali al-Saqqaf says in his article that the assassination of sheikh Ahmed Yassin, leader of Hamas Palestinian organisation, as much as it is very painful for most of Arabs and Muslims, it was not a surprising event. Leaders of the Zionist enemy have many times states that they would continue their operations of physical liquidating of prominent leaders of the Palestinian resistance movement, not sparing any of its factions. The Zionist enemy has already killed great number of the leaders of the Palestinian action of resistance during the past years and decades, inside and outside Palestine.
This time, with the assassination of sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the Zionists seem to have opened the gates of hell against them because Yassin is not just a prominent political personality but also a spiritual leader entertaining very high respect among millions of Muslims all over the world. Sharon and those behind him will certainly pay a very high price for their crime despite the humiliation and weakness of the regimes and rulers.