Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/726/Press Review]

April 5 2004

30 Mar 2004
Main headlines
– Soufan justifies rise of diesel price to avoid water exhaustion
– Mysterious disappearance of a student from Aden University
– Soldiers storm a citizen's house in Hodeidah
– Regional workshop for creating partnership between humanitarian and media work
Columnist Abdulraqeeb Saif Fateh writes saying since the beginning Tunisia was hesitant regarding the holding of the summit on its territories and after deliberations it has accepted under pressure of the Arab League. Though we are aware of the importance of the venue of holding the summit and its impact on its decisions and its success or failure but the responsibility for the failure of the meeting of the Arab rulers is mainly on the rulers themselves not only Tunisia whose share is bigger as it is the host country. We acknowledge that the Arab rulers are coming under pressures, whether they are in orient or in the west, particularly after the Libyan retraction and its regime's keenness to join the west.
The core is that our rulers have been prevented even from holding a mere meeting whose results are known beforehand ad we regretfully realize that the ban was external.