Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/728/Press Review]

April 12 2004

6 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Nasserite Organisation condemns the American massacres against the Iraqi people
– Financial corruption at Hudeida education office
– Pressures to prevent referring file of corrupts to court
– Bajammal: The government dealt a blow to 90% of al-Qaeda
– 100 Israeli companies in Iraq
– More than 84 AIDS cases in Hudeidah
– Information that Saudi Arabia behind suspension of printing Al-Tagamou weekly newspaper
– Security authorities continue arresting those condemning the American policy
– Killing and burning a citizen's body in Dhalie by a criminal gang
– Journalists resentment over arresting journalist Thabit at the court hall
The political editor of the newspaper sys in his article at h time the world is witnessing a large-scale change opposing the aggression and war on Iraq and the war in general, according to the American policies and justifications, the Japanese government insists on refusing these facts going on in the world and on its participation in sending Japanese troops and military equipment supporting the American aggression and occupation. The Japanese government.
The Japanese government tries to show that its role in Iraq as humanitarian participating in the reconstruction of Iraq but this allegation is untrue and not based on a legal basis and it is refuted by the Japanese government early stand in support of the war against Iraq. The Japanese government knows that any humanitarian assistance does not come via the American aggression and occupation but through the United Nations that till now has no role Iraq and must have a role to stop the aggression, the American occupation ended and full sovereignty returns to he people of Iraq. This is what the Japanese government has to understand. Japan is connected with the Arabs by excellent relations and its interests with them are many and its products fill the Arabs markets. It is very important that the Japanese government should preserve the future of these relations and interests as much as the Arabs are in interested in respecting, developing and expanding them. The Japanese people are genuine friends of the Arabs and we are not pleased to see their government dragged behind the American aggressive policies and to play a role supporting the aggression in Iraq at the expense of Iraq's independence, resistance, sovereignty and the unity of existence and destiny that connects it to the Arab nation. Our refusal of this Japanese stand towards Iraq is emerging not from any hostile stands towards Japan.