Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/731/Press Review]

April 22 2004

20 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Naserite Organisation condemns the assassination of Dr Rantissi
– Yemen in need of a salvage program where all national forces participate
– Yemen freezes assets of 16 organizations and 62 persons in local banks
– MPs accuse the oil ministry of prevarication, minister confirms legality of sale
– Saudi Arabia continue pressuring reformists
– Ministers and governors behind manipulation of government posts
– Education for all week, inaugurated
– Leadership for lawyers elected
– Eight citizens kidnapped in Dhalie
The political editor says in his article that what happens in the Palestinian territories of massacres against the Palestinians people and killing of resistance leaders and the destruction of all means of living and life do not want a stop for pondering and review in quest of reasons and justifications of all that. It has become clear that the Palestinian cause has been liquidated at the Arab level in favour of the American Zionist scheme that is reconsidering the situation of the entire area.
It has not happened in the history of the Arab Zionist conflict such destructive humiliation to which the Palestinian issue is exposed to under the nose of the Arab rulers. The whole matter is no longer of interest and care of anyone of them while then are at the top of the nation's pyramid trampling on her shoulders and destinies and surrendering her existence and rights to her enemies. What we witness of denunciation and condemnation here and there as well as some movements is but a kind deceiving the peoples thinking that with the passage of time, cutting heads in Palestine, and practicing oppression and terror against those peoples, would deter them from their role in defending themselves and rights and existence and land. Those rulers think that these peoples would accept and surrender and accept the fait accompli of Zionism in Palestine and the American occupation in Iraq and the plans against the entire Arab homeland. These rulers would lose their betting and their thrones and seats and all the schemes of the American aggression that they depend on and Zionism would not be able to take Palestine and America would not be able to take Iraq. The Arab deluge of change is coming.