Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/734/Press Review]

May 3 2004

27 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Fleecing of millions and corruption without accountability
– Organization's secretary-general: Resistance of occupation beginning of the revolution
– Political security seeks to split the union of physicians and pharmacists
The political editor of the newspaper says in his article sending Arab troops to Iraq even if according to conditions of the Arab League secretary-general Amr Mousa is a new disaster of the Arab rulers against the Arab nation and Iraq together. The beneficiary from it is the American-Zionist scheme aimed at the Arab region. That scheme searches for justifications and inlets making it perching on the region with all of its weight creating the reforms it wants but not the ones we want. Despite of the reasonable conditions of Amr Mousa the proposition has dropped the most important condition which is the American occupation departure from Iraq in coincidence with replacing that by role of the United Nations and in a fixed time ceiling when the United Nations role comes to an end and full sovereignty returns to Iraq.
This is the solution accepted by logic and reason and accepted by the Arab nation but not a decision by the UN ignoring presence of the occupation. For otherwise the international role would become a mere cover for plundering and destroying Iraq in a larger scale by the American occupation.
In such a case neither the UN nor the Arab forces can prevent the Iraqi resistance from hitting the American occupation and all that try to prevent it.