Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/736/Press Review]

May 10 2004

4 May 2004
Main headlines
– In protection of a military influential person wanting to confiscate some citizens land,
– Collective displacement and migration from Raudhat al-Hoban area
– Official source in the Organisation calls for reply to occupation crimes
– Military companies attack a village and arrest citizens in Ibb
– Yemeni Institute for Democracy Development issues a statement on the ugly violations of rights and dignity of the Iraqi POWs
– Arrests at the Grand Mosque continue
The political editor of the Wahdawi newspaper says the governing council in Iraq, an imperialist, occupational and aggressive making, does not possess any constituents of rule or legitimate characteristics and even does not possess a fait accompli. Any entity that comes out of aggression and coercion is null and rejected and is confronted with the legitimacy of the resistance till it is defeated and removed. Because the Arab rulers have pulled out of their sovereign and fighting will and from their popular support, are no longer able to reject the American demand for dealing with the governing council as reality and as a legitimate authority because such an authority should be recognised by the people. The interpretation separating between legitimacy and reality to justify dealing with the emergent case of Iraq is a kind of surrender that drops from its calculations and explanations the intention of resistance and the right to fight and the will of liberation.
Thus the reality with which the Arab leaders are dealing with the emergency case of Iraq contributes to let down the will of the Iraqi people and justifies the American occupation that is practicing immoral and inhumane acts against the Iraqi prisoners and the Iraqi people.