Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/739/Press Review]

May 20 2004

11 May 2004
The political editor of the newspaper says the weakness of opposition that all of its representation in parliament has not given it more than quarter the size of representation is not an evidence of popularity or success of the ruling system. It rather is an indication of a horrible failure depending on all means of power and influence and polarization of majority towards it and with it. It uses the simplest of rights and the least of things for the simplest stand trying to trespass the lines of that majority or exceed any of its boundaries. It seems there is no other issue but that of showing the opposition in the position of the weak.
It is the right of each position to criticise another to help it for the reform of itself because any imbalance at any of the two positions means failure in the pursuit of the political system. When criticism aimed for reform does not receive acceptance it is normal to have opposition happened and it must be subject to responsible dialogue that would rectify the criticism and restores he state of equilibrium and achieves meting at concepts supporting that system.