Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/741/Press Review]

May 27 2004

18 May 2004
Main headlines
– Patients in al-Thawra public hospital are assassinated
– The parliament gives the government two weeks grace period to abolish the oil scandal
– A party report: 53 million riyals, corruption in offices of the GPC
– Antiquities gang blows up the house of deputy director-general of antiquities of Mahweet governorate
– Death sentence against Fuad al-Shahari, violation of justice and law of judiciary power principles
– Yemen hands over a Chinese citizen accused of forfeiting more than 600 passports and smuggling thousands of is compatriots
– Universities Council decreases universities admission capacity
– Practical applications in training journalists on skills of polling public opinion
– Interior minister reveals a plot for assassinating the American ambassador

Columnist Suhail al-Jabali says the 22 may is the day of unity and democracy in the memory of the Yemenis and their life when balances have been tipped and situations changed. They were balances that wiped out from the world political map the existence of two different regimes that were variant and contradictory. The unity has abolished two separate parts so that Yemen can return as one as it was its reality and nature across history.
As here were world political variables helped the return of the Yemeni unity there are outside variables trying to overshadow this Yemeni leap with many obstacles under justification of reform that corrupts the political life and plays havoc with the economic situations. Those variables aim at placing the people and the government at loggerhead and between outside dictates the government has to respond and effects of impoverishment and deterioration of entire positions produced by the policies of outside dictates rejected by the people that are groaning under their crises.
The policies of outside dictates may provide the state's treasury with very big monetary liquidity but in the short and long-run would render the country into a consumer market for external products and trade and day by day they would broaden the area of poverty, unemployment and loss of capability of providing the family and spending on education, health and benefiting from the flow of the information technology revolution.