Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/753/Press Review]

July 8 2004

29 June, 2004
Main headlines
– Murder crime in al-Ulfi hospital
– Military units attack a village in Ibb, arrest 17 citizens
– In fleeing of administration harassments, “Yemenia” cadres leave the country
– JMP denounces oppression against citizens in Sa'da

Columnist Hamdi al-Bukari says in his article that all what the country needs now is to stop bloodshed n Sa'da. This need requires resorting to reason by the authority that usually abandon it at circumstances of peace and the question is how would it resort to it at times of war? It is paradoxical that in its address the authority mostly adapts the role of that calling for the use of reason and observing the national interest when its actions are faced with criticism, but when it is demanded to do so it go too far in explaining the craziness of its behavior as legitimate, as is the case in its war in Sa'da.
Whatever al-Hauthy stands and ideas are and whatever he authority says about him, all its acts are justifiable as long as we claim we are living under democratic atmospheres in which the methods of dialogue must be used to solve our problems and also going to judiciary instead of triggering wars. The strange thing is that the authority wrath is faced with utter calmness by the opposition and it has surprised the people with a weak stand saying that the president refused to meet with the JMP that wanted from him to be acquainted with what is going on.