Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/757/Press Review]

July 22 2004

13 July 2004
Main headlines
– Battle in Saadah not in favour of government forces
– 5 people killed, 7 houses demolished in Radda'a
– NUO Secretary-General:
– Saving the country would be realized by dialogue only
– Al-Houthy inflicts rising human losses on government forces, forcing them change their plans
– Plundered properties under free disposal of security director, Citizens in Hajjah hold interior minister responsible for destruction inflicted on them

Writer Aness Sinnan says in an article that the obstacle of domination and control on trade unionist work remains a problem that is hindering unions' performance and rendered tem into weak entities. This is the situation of most unions in our country, bit it is rather the major problem that malfunctioned most of civil society organisations.
What happens in the students union of Sana'a University is not far from what is mentioned above, it is part of the series of domination and the policy of containment that has hindered its action and changed it into a partisan propaganda voice or an official cover for policies that exhausted strength of the students.
Since its foundation in the eighties of the last century, the General Union of Students in Yemen remained under the control of two certain sides that took turn in controlling it and sharing its leading bodies. The state continued even after the Yemeni unification. The students remained without a union representing them and failed in unification of the students' movement through founding an entity representing all Yemen's students. Due to the importance of what the students sector represents of vitality and importance as one of the active segments of the society, it has represented an axis of conflict and competition among various political forces in an attempt to influence it and polarize it among their circles.
Many factors, mainly the policy of containment and control, have impeded the establishment of a unified student entity and resulted in the formation of several student entities. Al of them failed to offer services to the student or to defend his interests and develop his skills.