Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/763/Press Review]

August 12 2004

3 August 2004
Main headlines
– Relatives of senior officials continue seizing pieces of land in Aden
– Yemeni students in Iraq stage a sit-in

Columnist Ahmed Saeed says in his article that the Arab policies have changed in rubble of a tragedy due to the scramble for saving the American administration from any defeat that may be inflicted on it with the approach of elections next November. What Saudi Arabia has carried out recently by taking an initiative for sending Arab and Islamic troops to Iraq has no other goal than defending the occupation, serving it and protecting it from blows of the resistance and it is a way appeasing the United States in order to ease its pressures on it (Saudi Arabia).
For a long time the Arab League has sensed that stances of the Arab regimes towards this issue and deemed that each state has its own viewpoint on how to deal with the Iraqi issue, especially after its conviction of those regimes non-commitment to its decision of not sending troops but after defeating the occupation and under the presence of an Iraqi elected government making such a request.
The ill-fated initiative has represented a victory for the American policy that wants to make the battle in Iraq as an Arab-Arab while the U.S. administration can devote its efforts to plundering the Iraqi people's oil wealth under blessing of regimes willing to fight in defence of occupation. Those regimes find in this stance an outlet for keeping their crumbling seats.