Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/769/Press Review]

September 2 2004

24 August 2004
Main headlines
– Murder crime shocks the city of Ibb
– Sea pollution threatens fish wealth
– NUO's delegation meets Arab Youth delegations in Barcelona
– Tens of citizens detained in Taiz and Aden
– Demand for allowing lawyers take part in specialized prosecution committee

Columnist Annas Ali says two weeks before an official source announced that the military operations in Sa'ada had to their end, adding the government forces would in 24 hours control all hideouts and strongholds of al-Houthi and his followers. More than 14 days elapsed on the statement and fire is still causing the death and wounding of tens of people every day.
Recently, government troops launched a fierce attack on al-Houthi strongholds in Mran, Shafia, Nashour and Hamazat and reliable sources affirmed that those battles were as the fiercest that took place in the past weeks and left tens of killed and wounded most of them from tribes of Hajour and Usaimat whom the government had driven to those battles. The bleeding of blood continues and victims are increasing in number and only the homeland and its sons are to sustain the results of the war.