Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/783/Press Review]

October 21 2004

12, Oct. 2004
Main headlines
– M9ilitary troops in Taiz shell citizens' houses and seize their lands
– Wide-scale resentment for postponing the consideration of releasing al-Khaiwani
– 625 personalities demand ending occupation of Iraq
– Education minister advisor exposed to attempted assassination
– Information ministry prevents printing the Saut al-Shoura newspaper

The newspaper's editorial says the change the 26 September revolution effected aft3er the great victory over the imamate rule had hastened the eruption of the armed struggle in Radafan in the south.
The homeland was under the burden of the colonialist but by virtue of the great national sacrifices, our people managed to restore their freedom and independence. The triumph of the 14 October revolution after a long march of struggle had embodied historic facts confirming the Yemeni people rejection of all types of tyranny and oppression of despotism, whether by an internal or an external power. This explains that the Yemeni people by the power of their will are always behind their victories, starting from the Persian invasions and ending with the British colonialist invasion. What our people have achieved of throughout their march until gaining their freedom and regaining dignity is considered among the greatest events in the struggle of the people in modern history. It also forms a qualitative addition to the nationalist liberationist tide.