Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/787/Press Review]

November 4 2004

26 Oct. 2004
Main headlines
– Intensified preparations for the 10th national conference of the Organisation
– Sheikhs of Ibb demand speed up trial of an influential
– Authority would be responsible for what could happen to Khaiwani

Columnist Annas Sinan says in an article the oil sector is one of the great revenues feeding the general budget of the state with billions and it is considered the backbone of the Yemeni economy. These revenues of this greatly important source are still shrouded with mystery and there is manipulation in its figures in favour of those influential and centers of corruption that could tighten their grip around those revenues. In the past few months, many issues were disclosed pertaining to this sector concerning certain game of selling some of it to the companies working in this sector. The selling of the oil sector 53 one only one aspect of the game.
The absence of a Yemeni company working in the area of discovery and production of oil is one of the most important issues that were pointed to in the report of the oil parliamentary committee of which the government is still delaying in presenting a project for its establishment to the parliament up until now.