Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/795/Press Review]

December 2 2004

23 Nov. 2004
Main headlines
– NUO central committee warns against dangers of political congestion
– NUO General Secretariat condemns occupation massacres in Falluja
– Activities of democratic forum on empowerment women politically concluded
– Saudi Arabia begins a naturalization campaign of Yemenis inside the Yemeni border territories
– Indian ship carrying 20 sailors sinks offshore Socotra Island
– In its statement following its ordinary session,
– The NUO central committee calls for a comprehensive national reform

Columnist Abdullah al-Maqtari says in his article it is no doubt that the idea of holding Sharm El-Sheikh conference is an American idea and scenario written before the American elections and its implementation was postponed until after their results in the hope of helping the American administration's gradual getting out of its involvement in the Iraqi quagmire in a manner realizing the goals for which it had invaded Iraq.
The main and major players in the Iraqi issue, the Iraqi resistance and the national opposition to occupation were excluded from taking part in the conference despite of the French proposition to engage them and to draw up a timetable for the occupation forces departure from Iraq.
That proposal was rejected by America and the US-appointed government in Iraq. France deserves to be thanked and appreciated for its stand. When it has presented its proposal it did that out of its understanding and experience and suffering from the Nazis occupation. It is therefore a sincere proposal for the help of the Iraqi people to get rid of occupation.
Holding the conference at that timing came after the re-election of Bush, following the massacres perpetrated by the occupation forces in Iraq, especially the annihilation acts in Falluja and Najaf and after interactions and changes on the Iraqi, regional and international arenas.
The question is would the participants dare to tell the occupiers that they have to leave Iraq and compensate the Iraqi people for what they have committed of killing and destruction?
If the Sharm El-Sheikh conference would give legitimacy to the occupation forces and he Iraqi puppet interim government and giving legitimacy to the Iraqi elections whose features and results have become very clear, it would then form an actual disaster to the Iraqi people.