Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/797/Press Review]

December 9 2004

30 Nov.2004
Main headlines
– The government tries to take differences in oil prices
– Hada waters company evades from paying YR 500 million worth taxes

Columnist Mahmoud Sharafudin says in an article the press for the political parties in Yemen is the only means through which they address their cadres in particular and the society in general. In the light of that is what the press gives prominence to the party's stances regarding issues of interest to the country and the people and their interests. Unfortunately the parties a matter makes some partisan newspapers living a stagnant situation without any development towards the institutional and journalist action which nearing to collapse face this importance with no-comprehension. It is especially so under the authority orientation towards narrowing the democratic margin and limiting press freedoms, putting opposition journalists in prisons because of their ideas and opinions and criticism of corruption spread inside the state machinery.
Opposition parties are demanded to disclose those orientations to the public opinion and their rejection to stand by press in their ordeal. It is the only means they possess and which the authority fears from and tries to silence and curb the democratic margin available for it by regulations and laws.