Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2004/799/Press Review]

December 16 2004

7 Dec. 2004
Main headlines
– News leaderships of the NUO in the capital, Taiz and Mahweet
– Yemenia hires two Airbus planes for $ one million and 200 thousand a month
– Al-Zagheer and his wife killed in mysterious circumstances
– Economists: The state budget, random estimates and wrong figures
– Bani Hushaish tribes gather before Ibb governor house demanding the killer of one of their sons
– A program in solidarity with al-Khaiwani
– A journalist accuses Yemeni authorities of providing the Federal Bureau with wrong information on al-Mouayad
– One of Saddam's relatives asks the president to grant her right to political asylum

Columnist Ahmed Said writes a front page article that it seems there are acute differences threatening the Yemeni-Saudi relations on the
one hand and the Yemeni-Gulf relations on the other hand especially with what is going on reality of incomprehensive Gulf haughtiness and ignoring of the southern gate of the Arab peninsula that possesses many components qualifying it to become a major player in the region.
Observers expect the region would in the next days witness more political tense, especially with the Gulf states showing non-comprehension of the world variables and the attempt to upgrade the form of the GCC to include all states on the Arab peninsula, including Yemen as it is considered in possession of civilization asset and a geographical situation most of those countries are lacking.
Despite that, some GCC states have the desire to Yemen's unconditional acceding of the GCC, since its joining some GCC committees, there is a trend led by one of the states to hinder Yemen's accession seeing it as not qualified yet for that. In a relevant stance, observers have played down the importance of latest statements made by the Saudi foreign minister before the Gulf Dialogue Forum regarding facilitation of Yemen's full membership of the GCC after what he described of its cooperation in developing its relations with the Gulf countries. Observers considered those statements as not more than repeated ones and not very serious. Those statements came with the approaching date for holding the GCC summit in the latter half of this month, expecting that meetings of the Gulf summit would lead to more ignoring of Yemen's joining of the grouping and might be leading to cancel its membership of some of the GCC committees.