Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2005/815/Press Review]

February 10 2005

1 Feb.2005
Main headlines

– Seven people killed in clashes between tribes and security forces in Mareb

– Iraqi elections, stabilization of occupation

– Riyadh bans Yemeni product from entering Yemeni products

– Yemen receives ten French gunboats

– Donor countries reduce their aid due to corruption

– Kuwait rejects Yemen accession to the GCC

– Military campaign to release the kidnapped Saudi and his wife

– Tremors in Dhouran area in Thamar

– Yemeni students in India suffer from academic and living situations

The newspaper's political editor writes that no one denies that the Iraqi elections are suffering from violations and have no goal other than more concentration of the American occupation.

The occupiers realize the necessity of the presence of an Iraqi government, though not legitimate, implementing the conclusion of long-term agreements and pacts. The evidence was the presence of the American logic of force and interest in those elections.

Democracy is an Iraqi demand and it is important that all the people of Iraq take part in making their future. This will not come without stability and full sovereignty. The abstention of majority of the Iraqis from taking part in the elections farce that has been directed by the American administration has been apparent and has refuted the lies promoted by the American occupation media.