Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2005/831/Press Review]

April 7 2005

29 Mar. 2005
Main headlines

– Security authorities launch military campaign on Razamat and Sha'fia areas in Saadah

– Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia gave instructions on attacking the British embassy in Sana'a

– Al-Atwani: political reform, demand of the NUO and the call for dialogue has not come through partisan channels

– Yemen hands over 25 wanted Saudis to Saudi authorities

Abdulaziz Ismael writes saying the recent developments in Lebanon is following two courses; the first is the explosions aimed at a certain sectarian and commercial area and the second is the attempts to internationalize the Lebanese question, as exposed in the report by the fact-finding committee regarding the case of al-Hariri assassination. This matter requires from all the Lebanese to take great precaution against what the fifth column is aiming at by such acts and practices.

The fact-finding committee report has expanded to discuss security, political issues and topics related to the internal affairs. This situation in fact necessitates warning by all Lebanese political forces and should be requested to investigate into the committee's tasks, which are confined to investigation into al-Hariri assassination. The report recommends the implementation of the UN resolution 1559 that targets Hizbollah and then the internationalization of the Lebanese issue and opening the way for the American intervention in the Lebanese internal affairs.

On the way leading to internationalization of the Lebanese issue, the American eyes are set on Syria. It has either to comply with implementing all American demands regarding Iraq, the Palestinian cause and its national faction and the political reform according to the American-Zionist dictates, or otherwise the activation of the report by the fact-finding committee and continuation in raking fires of sectarian and ethnical conflict in Lebanon. Along all that accusation, fingers would continue to be pointed to Syria.