Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2005/866/Press Review]

August 8 2005

Aug. 2, 2
Main Headlines

– 3 Yemenis Were Martyred in Iraqi Resistance Drive.

– 36 Million YR Embezzlements at Hudeidah University.

– Hundreds of Detainees and Financial Conditions to Release them.

The paper published an informative report issued by the Central Organization for Audit and Control (COCA). The report brought to the lights an immense corruption afflicted the state's general budget enormous loses. The COCA' s report asserted that the costumes relieves and reductions over some imported goods and autos sustained the state's general budget around 154,634,204,564 YR. The report disclosed that the state-owned lands and real estates are being looted by corrupt officials and influential figures. The state's real estates which had been robbed in the capital secretariat worthwhile some 21billion YR.. The report also revealed that the un employment rate reached to 47%.