Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2005/868/Press Review]

August 15 2005

Aug.9, 2005
Main headlines

– The party demands impartial investigation into demonstrations causalities.

– Amnesty International uncovers secret detentions in Yemen.

– Political parties demand repeal death verdict against Al-Dailamy.

– Rumor runs about imminent cabinet reshuffle

Analyst Sale Al-Hadhry wrote a provocative critical article entitled “Regime of July17, 1987”, referring to President Ali Abdullah Sale's regime.

He said on July 17, 1987, a new history of the Yemeni state has begun; it can't be classified either as modern or traditional. It is also neither healthy nor ill as well as nobody knew whether it was in the right or in the left and not the least in-between.

Al-Hadhry continued “for me as a Yemeni the 17 of July 1987 is a gloomy day since it has given rise to the dilemma we have been facing in the fields of economy, politics and culture.