Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2005/878/Press Review]

September 19 2005

13 Sep.2005
Main headlines

– Clashes between Hamdan and Shawlan and escalation of confrontations between Arhab and Naham

– Renewed confrontation between al-Houthi supporters and government forces in Saadah

– Security members practice acts of attack and plunder of citizens' possessions in Ibb

– Ministers violations arouse disputes between the parliament and the government

– Human development report for 2005: Yemen is the least Arab country regarding the individual per capita of domestic product

The newspaper's political; editor wrote saying the Egyptian military forces did not go to Palestinian Gaza borders under a request from the Palestinian authority to be close to what is happening in the Strip and to help offer any assistance he Palestinians would need under the situation the Zionist enemy withdrawal has left behind. It should be taken into consideration that building the structures and apparatuses for administration, security and rebuilding the Strip would need some time. This makes the situation in Gaza open to all possibilities with the multi forces and arms existence. Egypt has not gone to Gaza borders because it is its legitimate or natural right to its homeland. It has been deprived of that right by the treaty it had signed and according to which the Zionists had withdrawn from Sinai. The situation, from the Zionists point of view, has needed the deployment of some Egyptian force to relive the Zionists in encircling the Palestinians and that needed a new agreement increasing imposition of restrictions on Egypt and the Palestinians and also needed approval of the Zionist parliament as if it is the owner of the land and sovereignty. The question is has the Egyptian parliament approved that? One could wonder what would make Egypt secure from the Zionists accusations of conniving with the Palestinians in leaking weapons and terrorists and the complications that might entail in the future.