Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2005/880/Press Review]

September 26 2005

20 Sep.2005
Main headlines

– Heavy damage inflicted by torrential rains on Taiz population

– Interior minister admits the arrest of 2245 citizens from protest demonstrations

– Government before the parliament, PM Bajammal admits existence of complications facing wages law; al-Soufi acknowledges the dilemma in his ministry

– Official and opposition sources: No contacts with the Zionist enemy and no normalization with its entity

– Oil ministry employees demand stop of al-Salami oppression

– Beating and humiliation against Wahdawinet correspondents in Hays security prison

– Dengue kills Taiz doctors' chairman

– Islah Shoura: JMP project meets the people's aspirations

The newspaper's political editor writes that the equation on which democracy is based is not correct and defeated intentionally. The quantity on the one side represents the political system with its weight and might based on constituents that are originally of the public but confiscated; the other quantity on the other side of the equation is result of the popular political action which lacks constituents of weight and power and those the political system monopolizes for itself.

It is not possible to be equal with regard to a candidate coming from strongholds of the regime and another coming from the popular political action, even if he comes from an environment possessing some money. The power does not only lie in the possession of finance, but rather in apparatuses and military might, the media arsenal and the partial bridges of interests that rise above peoples' interests and above all concepts of freedom and democracy that the oppressive regimes try to cover up themselves with. Under such umbrella those regimes try to prevent any political force from growing bigger and to become capable of realizing competition and transfer of power.