Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2005/882/Press Review]

October 3 2005

27 Sep. 2005
Main headlines

– Killed or wounded in confrontations in Amran

– He said the authority rejected handing over dead bodies of Nasserite martyrs, Al-Atwani asks the president to pardon exiles of the NUO abroad

– Eritrean authorities release 96 fishermen and retain other 10

– Contradiction between Sana'a and Washington on Zandani

– Al-Rubaaie, secretary-general of the People's Forces Union

– Al-Dhalie governor refuses to stand before court

– 252 teachers stage sit-in strike in Hadramout

The political editor of the newspaper has devoted his article to talk about the concepts of the revolution saying the revolution is always a revolt against reality too deep in backwardness and has fully lost the legitimacy of and justifications of existence and continuity. It is an extraordinary event conflicting with that reality, fighting a battle of progress as long as the people manage to keep the fire of the revolution aglow. The revolution fights its exceptional battle in tackling the issues of the present with a vision of future not according to characteristics of the past that were the cause for the revolution eruption.

This does not mean that the revolution should work outside order and laws but the group of its laws is not haunted with corruption or injected with external connections that would hinder it from performing its role.

How we know that the revolution is still really a revolution and its implications have not been exposed to any emptying to be just a slogan is the criterion of future. The future is all that we would do and experience all its details. The reality in which our issues and problems we are still unable to solve due to efforts not exerted would be where future stops. Then we would discover that that we are moving inside a vicious circle.