Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2005/884/Press Review]

October 10 2005

4 Oct.2005
Main headlines

– Yemeni and Saudi forged currencies I the central bank

– 25 dead bodies of infiltrators at coasts of Shabwa and Abyan

– Somali infiltrators into Saudi Arabia seized

– Political security officer opens fire inside a hospital in Taiz

– Three persons drowned at Aden port

– Iraqis accused of trying to attack the American and British embassies in Sana'a, released

Columnist Ahmed Said discusses in his article the problem of smuggling children and role of the government in solving this problem. He wonders when would the authority be aware of its role and duties towards the society whose thousands of its children fall victims to organized gangs smuggling them to neighboring countries where they are exploited in begging and inmost times trading with their bodies. Although disclosure of this phenomenon has been declared for two years now and some international organizations played a good role in that discovery and in giving accurate statistics of this trade that violates human rights, our government kept silent and abstained from watching those crossings and deterring those gangs. Those gangs usually use the children in unsightly acts contradicting values of religion and morals.

Reports by civilian organizations reported statistics on smuggling fifty thousand children last year of ages ranging between five and sixteen and they are exploited in works of begging and others incompatible with their ages. With the advent of Ramadan activities of this trade expand from various border crossings to enter the Saudi territories focusing especially on children suffering from inborn deformations and physical handicaps to be used in begging particularly in this month. This trade with children is not confined to Saudi Arabia but rather include other countries. This matter requires a serious attitude regarding this calamity of trading with humans.