Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2005/886/Press Review]

October 17 2005

11 Oct.2005
Main headlines

– UN Security Council accuses Yemen, Ethiopia and Eritrea of exporting weapons to Somalia

– Municipality in the capital loots a business shop

– Nasserite central committee member Abdulmalik al-Mikhlafi says statements of the American ambassador to Sana'a political extortion

– Chinese oil Company asks the authorities to provide security protection

– Iraq's former vice-president Al-Douri calls resistance for escalation and warns Sunnis of participation in government

– Yemenis retained by Algeria since last June, the government continues disinterest in its citizens under pretext of al-Qaeda

– JMP holds a meeting

Columnist Ali al-Saqqaf discusses in his article this week the stands of America towards peoples and regimes in the world and how it changes them according to its interests heedless of those peoples interests. He gives an example of Chile when America in the seventies machinated the assassination of its elected president Salvador Allende. The dictator who succeeded the assassinated elected president received care and blessing of America.

The writer queries whether it is the same America that is trying nowadays to install itself as advocate and sponsor of freedoms and human rights. The answer is that America is the same America every time and everywhere. The American ambassador to Yemen has lately and suddenly remembered that democracy in Yemen has halted and he talked in a tone as if he is really concerned in Yemen democracy. The writer emphasizes that what the American ambassador has said is merely a political extortion of the regime, no more.

Mr. al-Saqqaf maintains admitting that democracy in Yemen has not yet reached its target though 15 years elapsed since achievement of the unity. It is true there are flagrant violations of human rights and freedoms, and it is true we are in need direly of political, economic and administrative reforms especially that corruption has affected everything. However, the writer says, what the American ambassador has stated with exceeds his task as an ambassador. He is speaking as guardian of the country and we refuse and reject any guardianship, especially if the guardian was America.