Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2005/898/Press Review]

November 28 2005

22 Nov.2005
Main headlines

– Yemenis undergo brutal torture at American and Jordanian intelligence offices

– NUO secretariat: What Syria faces is political blackmail to deal a blow to its geopolitical role

– Islah holds the authority responsible for what could happen to its political office chairman

Columnist Ali al-Saqqaf says in his article it seems that the United States of America has not understood well the Iraqi lesson. America has suggested to its soldiers they are going into a short picnic in Iraq and would then return to safe to their mothers and wives. What happened, however, was the opposite. The American administration has driven tens of thousands of its soldiers into hellish inferno.

These days America is still prevaricates, as if the Iraqi lesson was not enough for it. Nowadays it is harassing Syria and tries under various pretexts to repeat the experiment in Iraq, though in a different way.

In doing so, and under foment from some Arab reactionary regimes, America like someone who tries to get involved in another quagmire. Maybe arrogance has blinded America's insight and made it imagine it could formulate what it has described as the greater Middle East in line with its schemes. It is doing so without paying attention to its failure in Iraq, which is an indicator to failure of its policies and collapse of its ambitions in dominating the universe.