Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/1004/Press Review]

December 4 2006

28 Nov. 2006
Main headlines

– The United Nations demands Yemen to disclose 94 cases of coercive disappearance

– A Yemeni mediation to revive the Baath party in Iraq

– War in Amran and death in Saada

– More than 20 soldiers killed or wounded in Saada

– Al-Atwani The escape of the ruling party from governors election is consolidation of centralization and personal loyalty

– Dr opens fire on an employee at University

– Fighting renewed in Amran villages

– In response to Bajammal statements, The JMP calls the government to deal in transparency with opposition

– Legal organization calls for closing down 26 September newspaper and develop judiciary

– In reading the donor conference, politicians call for bridging the gap between authority and opposition first

– Authority returns from London conference to chase the press

Writer Ahmed Saeed says there is nothing for the all citizens but to celebrate the anniversary of the southern part of the homeland independence as the event has great meanings and indications.

It may be the duty of the government to accommodate the hopes they were attached to this event made by the national movement 39 years before and was daring enough to change and destroy the British control and then expel its presence out of the homeland so that to form the first of stages for achieving the unity that constituted the first initiative on the road of the Arab unity.

What the independence also carried was the control o the situation in the homeland which was shaky through facing fragmentation and adoption of struggle for reunification of the homeland which was constituted a reality in the last decade of the past century.

The unity has returned the right to its position and the land to its normal condition and the society to its fateful unity with which all artificial boundaries disappear and all barriers and partitioning policies are removed. Those policies remained launching cultural theories consolidating the partitioning of the homeland and working for differentiating between the national unity and the Yemeni unity, as id this is other than that.

It was meant the national unity the one part and the Yemeni unity the parts as if we are two people not one although the name of Yemen was not dropped on part of the people in any of the two parts.

It is true that hopes faced many negative reflections that harmed the citizen, his interest and his living, beginning from expansion of the area of poverty and abuse of power and to the unbalanced plans in building and developing of the homeland. Those have caused refreshment of some negative phenomena that regretfully still looking at the homeland unity as occupation.

What peoples should be aware of is that there is a trend popping its head and accepts to shorten the way and shows willingness to form governments with the existence of foreign aggression and occupation and amidst torrent of blood caused by the aggression and occupation. Examples in front of us are in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. It is urgent to deter those practices in the manner creating conviction among the citizens especially among those who still think the unity as occupation. The Yemeni is not like as some visualize it as invasion but it is an inevitable situation and of destiny for one country. What worries are those practices that lead to deterioration in relations and vitalize the ideas and convictions detriment to the homeland.